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Blue: Derek Jarman

Blue: Derek Jarman

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Written poetically, this text moves through myriad scenes, some banal, others fantastical. Stories of quotidian life - getting coffee, reading the newspaper, and walking down the sidewalk - escalate to visions of Marco Polo, the Taj Mahal, or blue fighting yellow.

“For Blue there are no boundaries or solutions.” —Derek Jarman

Originally released as a feature film in 1993, the year before the acclaimed artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman’s death due to an AIDS-related illness, Blue is a daring and powerful work of art. The film and its script, as reproduced in this volume, serve as an impassioned response to the lack of political engagement with the AIDS crisis.

Facing death and a cascade of pills, Jarman presents his illness in delirium and metaphors. He contemplates the physicality of emotions in lyrical prose as he grounds this story in the constant return to Blue - a color, a feeling, a funk.

Author: Derek Jarman
108 × 178 mm
Published 2023
64 pages
ISBN: 9781644230886

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